Engineer Mattias Vöcks is a Koenigsegg fan. But the man is also a Volvo fan. He proved this in 2006 when he presented one of his projects the 600hp (441kW) 1967 Volvo Amazon wagon at SEMA. This time he takes on a true Volvo classic, the P1800. The original P1800s were built from 1960 as a way of bringing back the sports car to the Volvo brand.

Vöcks is assisted by the creative forces of Sweden's ever-impressive Vizualtech to help him lay out his design vision. Although his new project is based on the P1800 it will be modern car throughout. The basic styling features are the same but changes have been made. For instance, the front end is extended by 70mm to accommodate the proposed Volvo V8 engine from the XC90 and the S80.

In its standard format the 4.4-litre V8 produces 315hp (232kW) and 440Nm of torque. Vöcks plans to introduce a turbo to it, resulting in a power figure somewhere between 550hp (405kW) and 600hp (441kW).

The Vizualtech design goes on to illustrate something of a GT wagon with wider wheels arches, new front and rear lights, a rear diffuser and a flat underside.

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