For those lucky enough to have a first edition Ford Capri, the car still looks good 40 years later.

When the Ford Capri debuted in 1969 as the "car you always promised yourself," the automaker was trying to dazzle the audience at the Brussels Motor Show debut with their Euro recreation of the Mustang. Available in several trim levels, the car had several versions released over the years, with market-specific editions for the U.K.

Eventually, the car was also marketed in the rest of the world, but without the robust V6 it was associated with in Europe. The Ford Capri Mark 1 was generally a success, selling over 400,000 cars in its first production year. Ford revised the Capri, first with a facelift, than with the release of the Mark 2 in 1974. The magic began to go away with the new edition, as Ford replaced the interesting contours and round headlights with a more generic body and style. The Mark 3 was released in 1977, although many still dispute if it was truly a new generation. Sales had continually slowed, and as the Capri was approaching two million units sold, production was cancelled in 1986.

Fanclubs still exist, with the Capri as their idol. Several events, listed in the press release below, are planned to mark the car's 40th anniversary.


Ford Capri: Still Looking Good at 40