Tuesday is a crucial date for the future of the British grand prix.

Tuesday is a crucial date for the future of the British grand prix.

Following a paperwork dispute, the North West Leicestershire District Council is due to vote on whether to rescind planning permission for formula one renovations at Donington Park.

According to Britain's Daily Telegraph, another possibility is that the council will give the circuit a stay of execution until May 31, but either way time would be tight to get the venue ready for next July's race.

Eagerly awaiting the verdict will be Damon Hill, the 1996 world champion and president of the BRDC, the club that owns current British grand prix venue Silverstone.

Hill is hoping that, with Donington out of the way, Bernie Ecclestone might fall back on Silverstone, despite the F1 chief executive repeatedly ruling out that scenario.

"Bernie is a businessman," Hill said. "He keeps his options open. If we can present him with a viable option then I'm sure he will consider it."

Referring to Donington, he added: "I am concerned that they don't have the experience to do this. They appear to be well behind schedule, their financing is not in place.

"I'm doubtful that it is a sustainable business model, which is why it has not yet been endorsed by banks," added Hill.

"Silverstone is ready to go," he continued. "We're at the final stages now of our development brief for the 40 million (pounds sterling) upgrade of the pit and paddock complex. All we are saying is: 'let's talk about it'."