Now Volkswagen is extending the model range of this car line by adding a third dimension: the Passat CC.

Last week little rumor popped up on the, mostly well informed, web that Volkswagen's new four-door coupe would simply be called the CC. But today Volkswagen released in depth information about their latest addition to the Passat range, stubbornly referring to the car as the Volkswagen Passat CC.

The VW Passat CC is the latest addition to the very successful Passat range, Volkswagen has built more than 15 million units in its lifetime. The Passat CC is a crossover of a new kind and can be classed as a sedan or a coupe with its new body design, bucket seats for all passengers, VW's impressive powertrains and technology worthy of the luxury class.

There is a choice between three engines, a 2.0 TDI engine producing either 140 hp or 170 hp, a TSI producing either 160 hp or 200hp and a 3.6 liter V6 with 300 hp. The engines are coupled to a twin-clutch transmission where the buyer can opt for the 6-speed or 7-speed version. The petrol powered engines meet Euro-4 emission standards while the TDI already meets the Euro-5 standard.

Most European countries can place orders for the four-door coupe already, while North America and Japan ordering will start later this year, most likely by the fourth quarter. Production of the Passat CC will take place at Volkswagen's Emden plant where the Passat and Passat Variant are also built.

Volkswagen Passat CC In Depth