We have a healthy two minutes of footage featuring the Ferrari F450 mule. Testing on a track, and seen on the street, we're eager to find out more.

New video of the Ferrari F450 Mule has been sent in to us from one of our spies on the frontlines. Shown in two minutes of video as it takes laps on a race track, we get to see the car driven the way a Ferrari was meant to be driven.

First, a few speculative points about the car. The rear wheel drive F450 should receive at least a 500hp 4.5 liter V8, mated to the California's double-clutch gearbox. It has been rumored that the power output will top the F430 Scuderia's 520hp, possibly by increasing the maximum rpm to 10,000, while tuning the cooling system. The bigger air intakes, seen very clearly at 1:37 into the video, could be a part of this system.

This car looks to have a bigger front end, and we get another look at the exhaust pipes that flank the center of the car's rear end. The side sills also look to be have some taped up bits, seen at about 1:19. The car definitely sounds great, and even runs the track pretty well. Towards the end of the video, we get a few slow and steady shots of the car and a sister mule as they pull out onto the open road.

Look for more spy pics and spy video of the new Prancing Horse as its debut draws nearer. The Ferrari F450 is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.