GM's Australian unit Holden hopes to keep Pontiac G8, based on its Commodore model, alive as a Chevy Commodore-badged police car in the US. But most police force fleets still use the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor or the Chevy Impala.

"Cops in cars, the topless bars..."

Yes, the LAPD, that rodeo clown show masquerading as a police force, may just have a hand in saving the Pontiac brand from complete extinction.

Our distinguished colleagues at GoAuto are reporting that the Pontiac G8 may live on by re-badging itself a Chevrolet Commodore and look for work around town as a police car. Given that the Pontiac G8 is based on Australia's Holden Commodore, and that GM's Australian unit is more than upset at the axing of the Pontiac brand, it seems Holden is looking for a way to keep their production going in the wake of the disaster that GM has become.

Holden has, indeed, supplied vehicles for a joint police car concept project by the NSA (National Safety Agency) of Australia and the LAPD. And they may just be hyping that up in order to get more police forces interested in buying what they have to sell. But they say up to 40,000 units a year. Eh...??

Likely to happen? Probably not. Maybe a few super-fied cop cars will show up here and there before, you know, budget-strapped cities realize maybe it's cheaper to buy your police cars from a place that is not, literally, half-way around the world.

And what about that old workhorse the Crown Vic? Well, it's being phased out by Ford next year for the general public (too bad, she was quite a ship) but Ford is committed to keeping the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor the chief of police cars, so to speak. So Holden may be dreaming in technicolor, to revive an old phrase, if they think they can knock the old Vic off her perch.

And where are you Chevy Impala? C'mon, yes you can.