Starting today in Sweden, Volvo C30 buyers can now order their cars with a special adhesive film which is applied to the exterior panels of their cars. Buyers can choose from 20 different designs ranging from urban panoramas with rainbows, wood paneling, zebra stripes and the ever popular hot rod flames.

Originally reserved for cars used for advertising purposes, the applique film is targeted to fashion-conscious urban trendies who want to set themselves apart from the rest of the C30 riffraff. But besides the vanity of it all, the applique film does have practical purposes by protecting the paintwork from oxidation, scratches and stone chips as it remains durable for 2 years. After two years, the applique film can be replaced with a new film or completely removed.

The personalized Volvo C30 can be previewed and ordered online or at any Volvo dealer in Sweden. Immediately, after the vehicle is built at the factory an independent contractor then applies the applique skin, and then the vehicle is delivered to the customer as usual.

At the moment, the applique skins are only available to Swedish customers for a price of 18,750 SEK (2000 EUR) including labor.

Volvo Releases Special Adhesive Designs for C30 (SE)