In this three-minute long video, we get a full taste for a truly impressive new supercar soon to hit production.

If you read the news posted on WCF daily, you probably know about the 1104 horsepower Zenvo ST1, Denmark's first domestically produced supercar.  A publication there, Bil Magasinet, has posted video of their test drive with the beautiful machine that can cross Denmark in under 20 minutes.

Before we tell you about the video, we'd like to remind you of this car's amazing specs.  Using a rear-mounted turbo- and super-charged 7.0-liter V8, Zenvo's engineers brought this car up over 1100 hp while producing an amazing 1430 Nm at around 4500 rpm.  In just three seconds, you can bring the car from a standstill to 100 km/h.  Figure out a way around the electronic limiter, set for 375 km/h (233 mph), and we're pretty sure you can avoid arrest on almost any highway in the world.

Of course, no car built in icy Scandanavia should be without limited slip differential.  This car is no different, featuring a hydraulically-powered LSD.  The driver takes control of the machine with a six-speed manual gearbox.


The test driver's "woo-hoo" at about a minute into the video says all that you can say.  Although the car is so powerful, he says the handling is, "completely undramatic."  So easy to drive this car is, that despite the 375 km/h top speed, the driver says it is "almost like driving a small hatchback ..."  Surely this is an exaggeration, right?

Of the full three minutes of video, perhaps the last shot is best, displaying the car speeding away from the camera.  Although just a prototype, engineers fully expect to have the Zenvo ST1 ready for its debut at Le Mans this summer.