Spy pictures of the next Fiat Uno have been shot while it was testing in Brazil. Five-door and three-door versions will be reintroduced there in 2010 with airbags as standard features.

Fiat is apparently working on the next generation Uno which is for the moment codenamed Project 327. These spy images were taken in Brazil where Fiat has a large share of the auto market. It will be launched there in 2010 as a 2011 model. For the first time the Uno will feature airbags as standard fitment, thanks to a new Brazilian safety law.

Sources say the car will share its platform with the next-generation Panda. Both three and five-door models will be made available just like in the previous-generation Uno. It will have different interiors, one for the European zone which will have much the same interior as the Fiat 500 while another version will share its interior with the Palio.

Projected alongside the spied Uno is a rendering of the car by designer Jorge Fernandez. Although Fernandez has used the 500 as a basis for his design he has not taken the retro outline of the 500. The rendering depicts quite a modern car.

In a number of markets around the world the 500, Panda, Grande Punto and the Palio are all sold alongside each other with no cannibalism being considered. This may also happen when the Uno returns or it may be badged as something else. With enough demand and luck we might even see the return of the hot mouse Uno Turbo.

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