Ferrari is touting this 599XX as an extreme track car and it really does look like no street-worthy compromises have yet been made on this concept model.

The 599XX "technical study" was introduced at the Geneva auto show this past March and is based on the 599 GTB Fiorano. What Ferrari will make of it they don't say, but salivating speculation includes the possibility of a 599 Scuderia.

This 599XX comes with 700 hp at 9,000 rpms and an aerodynamic system that greatly increases downforce to 280 kg at 200 km/h and 630 kg at 300 km/h. The Actiflow system includes fans in the rear boot to channel air from beneath the car through two grilles at the back and synthetic jets at the rear also smoothen air flow and reduce drag.

Performance is also maximized on this 599XX by means of the "High Performance Dynamic Concept," which aligns the mechanical limits of the car to electronic controls. Weight is kept down using carbon fiber components and the gearbox has been tweaked to cut shift times to 60 milliseconds.

What Ferrari is doing here is building a track car for a race with no rules using a street car that is not yet street worthy. Makes perfect sense.

Well, we can only guess that all this fancy performance enhancement will indeed trickle down into some variant of a 599 that Ferrari will introduce sometime soon and that will sell remarkably well, because, you know, rich people don't run out of money so easily.

For the rest of you, enjoy the pics.


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