Spies have caught a prototype Ferrari testing at the Fiorano track. It is suspected to be a possible 599 Scuderia based on the 599XX Concept of Geneva 2009.

Ferrari unveiled the 599XX Concept at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show this past March. Due to its concept car nature, anything can come out of it, including a hardcore 599 Scuderia. That was the suspicion of our spies after they snapped these pictures of a prototype doing high speed testing at Ferrari's Fiorano test track. The car did not have the big spoilers and wings like the 599XX concept but in these photos we can see the modified exhaust pipes positioned similarly to the 599XX concept.  According to spies it made a sound that raised their neck hairs.

Usually these limited edition track-focused road cars sell well and at this point in time Ferrari could use a 599 model that moves units given the slowing sales of the standard car. The F430 Scuderia did well for the Italian supercar maker.

The 599XX concept was created as a high-performance track car. It weighs less than the stock car and its aerodynamics have been improved to create plenty of downforce for better handling. Custom slick tyres have been fitted to maximise grip while new carbon-ceramic brakes are included.

Improvements were also made to the engine by revamping combustion chambers, air flow systems and using lightweight components. In the end the 599XX attained a power figure of 700hp (515kW).


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