The 20th anniversary Mosler street-legal race car is finally available on the company's 21st anniversary. Find out what makes this car worth €250,000.

The 2009 Mosler MT900 GTR XX has finally gone on sale in Europe. The company's 20th anniversary car passed Euro4 emissions tests, as well as quality checks performed by TUV Rheinland. Once the official word was handed down on both crash testing and electro magnetic compatibility testing, European and UAE sales were approved.

Delivery of the 600hp car to these markets will begin later this year, although by now it is actually the company's 21st year in operation. In spite of this, they will still keep the "XX" Roman-numeral designation, to mark the 20th anniversary edition. Based on the MT900 GTR, the car should do better than the first version's 3.1 second 0-100 km/h time and 340 km/h top speed.

Weighing in at 2450 pounds (1111 kg), the car gets its power from a Corvette LS7 engine. When it was announced, the company had said they wanted to reduce the weight further with carbon Recaros, KW suspension, and MOVIT ceramic brakes in addition to the use of composite carbon fiber and Kevlar. In a press release, the company says that the result is a car that "allows the driver to brake deeper, carry higher speeds into and through the corners, and accelerate harder." Sounds good.

Sounds really good.

In fact, the engineering that went into this street legal road burner allows the car to pull 1.1g, even on street tires. This comes thanks to the double-wishbone suspension, adjustable shocks, and adjustable anti-roll bars.

Mosler president Warren Mosler said, "We are happy to begin delivery of these state-of-the-art supercars to our fans. Total performance has always been of the upmost importance to Mosler Automotive, and the MT900 GTR XX exemplifies our commitment to the fundamentals of performance technology."

Pricing on the car is listed at €250,000, although it is unclear if that includes taxes. The car may be ordered in Europe and the Emirates through Mosler Deutschland. 

Note: U.S. certification is still pending.


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