We are literally beside ourselves trying to figure out what Ferrari is up to. There may be one of five possible major changes under this 612's chopped up front end.

Thankfully, what you see in these pictures is definitely not a facelift for the Ferrari 612, but rather the testing mule for an upcoming vehicle. Likely a successor to the 612, the spy who snapped these shots raises the possibility of the car being a hybrid.

Let's start with what we know for sure. The front end looks bigger overall, beginning with the bulky bumper with a tacked on chain-mail grille. Wheel arches look to be a bit larger than normal, and the whole front end looks to have been lengthened forward a few inches. Either that, or the front panels were sawed off and later reattached with rivets.

It is this last thought, combined with the tacked on bulge in the hood, that have led the spy to suggest the hybrid. But bosses in Maranello are rumored to be working on a new twin-turbo, which could certainly account for the addition to the hood. If this car is a mule for the next 612, perhaps it is a new V12. Yet another possibility is that engineers attached the Fiat Group's new MultiAir technology, which increases power by 10 percent, improves torque during low RPMs by 15%, reduces emissions, and decreases fuel consumption.

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The spies also raised the idea of this being a test of the "Insertable 4x4," which would allow Ferrari front- and mid-engined vehicles to have four-wheel drive.  We'll keep our eyes on the road, and our ears to the ground, and let you know as soon as we find something out.

And we know it's a mule and all, but couldn't Ferrari have shown some class, and put matching wheels on the car?!