The next-generation Great Wall Hover CUV might be based on this Hover H7 which was revealed at the 2009 Auto Shanghai. It features a bold new face and other radical body designs.

Great Wall Motor Company of China unveiled the new Hover H7 concept at Auto Shanghai. The study gives an idea of what the next-generation Hover might look like. Great Wall currently sells the low-priced Hover, a crossover utility vehicle based on several other vehicles, in several countries in Europe and Africa in addition to China.

The H7 features a large deep chrome grille and a headlights cluster that stretches from halfway down the front grille almost to the A-pillar. The side mirrors are peculiarly hollow for the most part. The doors feature see-through glass probably intended to showcase its spaciousness rather than the occupants' legs. This design element will probably not make it into production.

Powered by a 3.0-litre V6 engine with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, the 4WD H7 is said to have a top speed of 140mph (225km/h).

Plans are apparently afoot to market and sell the H7 production car within the luxury SUV segment. Later other variants will surface such as a smaller H3 with a smaller, cleaner engine. Nothing has been said about possible production and launch dates for the H7.