Buick unveiled its Business MPV concept in Shanghai today, the first of a new wave of vehicles designed to capitalize on its popularity in the Chinese market.

It's known that GM's Buick brand is big in China; while the luxury marquee is not always respected in its home market, the Chinese have embraced Buick as a rival to Mercedes and other established luxury nameplates. Whether you agree with this or not, GM is taking steps to capitalize on this popularity, and has unveiled the first of several vehicles it plans to develop and build in China in the coming years. The Buick Business is the first vehicle designed and engineered solely by GM's Pan Asian Technical Automotive Center (PATAC).

The Buick Business is an MPV designed to appeal to the Chinese upper class. It features Buick's signature grille and fender vents, as well as a distinctive multi-paneled glass roof and extravagant brightwork. Massive twenty-inch wheels fill strongly defined fender wells; it's impossible to mistake this vehicle for anything other than a Buick.

This 5.3-meter vehicle can carry up to six passengers, and true to its name, it can transform into a rolling boardroom, with sliding tables and seats that rotate to face one another. Electric sliding side doors reveal a B-pillarless side aspect for easy entry and exit. The driver faces an array of touch-sensitive gauges, including a rearview mirror display for OnStar features.
The Business is powered by a 2.4 liter direct-injection four-cylinder engine backed up by an electric motor. Regenerative braking helps to charge the batteries, and a stop-start system improves fuel economy. A six-speed automatic transmission handles shifting duties.