We have two minutes of video for you, featuring the Scion IQ concept. Rumor has it that if Toyota brings the IQ to America, it will be as a Scion.

For your viewing pleasure, we bring you two minutes of video featuring the Scion iQ Concept.  We think this car looks destined to become a Transformer as it already has an almost demonic looking face, and a sardonic grin that makes us want to smash things. Introduced at the New York Auto Show, the Toyota subsidiary based this concept on the parent company's iQ. However, in typical Scion fashion, this car was introduced with modifications that make more sense at the Tokyo Auto Salon than a conventional show.

On the inside, the car gets a 10-inch LCD screen for the nav system, and personal entertainment. When parked, feel free to watch Cars, or any other movie featuring your new favorite car brand. The screen folds up nice and neat when it is not in use. The car has a decent amount of space when the rear seats are folded down. With all seats upright, the car fits three grown-ups and a child.

Outside, look for the new front spoiler and widened body parts at the front and rear. These were necessary to accommodate the cars wider, and longer stance. Likewise, a new Tein-built suspension has also been installed. It also sports 18-inch wheels, center mount exhaust, and HID driving lights. Under the hood, the Scion iQ has a 1.3-liter four-cylinder that generates 93 hp. Stability control and anti-lock brakes were also installed.

The mods were conceived and built by the Five Axis tuning design firm. No word yet on if this car will come to market in the U.S., or elsewhere. Rumors have been circling for a few months suggesting that if Toyota brings the iQ to America, it will be badged a Scion. Perhaps the iQ will be released closer to its Toyota form, with a huge amount of accessories available for purchase. That is somewhat the Scion way. Considering the post-introduction promotional push, we wouldn't be surprised to see Scion try to take this to market.