Mazda put real people, not actors behind the wheel of its Mazda 6 sedan.

Chevy’s "Real People, Not Actors" commercials have been long been the punchline for YouTubers and auto bloggers alike. Since the ads aired a few years ago, some have questioned the legitimacy of the "real people" in the commercials, while others have decided to take a less distinguished route in showing their disdain for the ad spots (like the video below). Whatever the case, they do get people talking.

In an effort to get customers talking about its brand, Mazda has decided to hop on the "Real People, Not Actors" ad bandwagon in a spot it’s calling "Driver’s Choice." In it, the Japanese marque disguises its Mazda 6 sedan alongside two "premium" options from Audi and Mercedes, the C-Class and the A4 and asks owners to test the three.

For what it’s worth, the Mercedes C-Class starts at $39,500 and comes with a 241-horsepower (197-kilowatts) engine. The 2018 Audi A4, meanwhile, starts at $36,000 and comes with a 190-hp (141-kW) engine. The Mazda 6 is significantly cheaper than the two with a starting price of $22,995 and a 184-hp (137-kW0 engine.

The quick 30-second ad spot feels a bit less forced than the ones from Chevy, and sees the two subjects noting features like drive and interior quality, using buzzwords like "responsive" and "intuitive" before the final reveal.

The video was released in January, but only recently has it garnered any sort of attention via social media websites like Reddit. Based on the first "sedan" spot, it's safe to assume that Mazda could release an entire series of these specific ads. The "Real People, Not Actors" commercials from Chevy, meanwhile, show no signs of slowing. 

Source: Mazda via Reddit

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