But it's only for Amazon Prime members, at least at first.

Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day on July 11 will include a preview of the second season of The Grand Tour exclusively for Prime members.

Richard Hammond's Crashed Rimac Concept One Supercar

According to Amazon, the teaser will be the first look at the new footage for the second season, and the clip will show “Jeremy, Richard and James in Mozambique, Switzerland and the U.K.” The company’s announcement doesn’t reveal the preview’s length, but the mention of Switzerland hints there might be footage from Hammond’s crash there. If not, there’s still a chance we could see him fall off a motorcycle in Mozambique

Amazon’s announcement says that The Grand Tour season 2 premieres “later this year.” Originally, the show was supposed to arrive in October, but Hammond’s crash might have delayed the launch date. According to Clarkson, the Hamster’s injuries have postponed the show’s production. The Tall One has been re-writing the program’s scripts to adjust for the Hamster’s inability to drive. May has been taking over on the production trips originally scheduled for Hammond. 

More News About Hammond's Crash:

The guys were driving supercars at the Hemberg Bergrennen hillclimb when the Hamster had his serious crash. Hammond was in the Rimac Concept One; Clarkson had a Lamborghini Aventador S; and May drove an Acura NSX. Video captured the moment when Hammond’s electric vehicle flew off a hill shortly after crossing the finishing line. Making the situation even worse, the Concept One burst into flames.

Hammond suffered a fractured knee that required major surgery, including replacing part of the joint with what the Hamster dubbed his Swiss Army Knee. While recuperating, he’s using an electric wheelchair to get around. 

Source: Amazon

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