The automotive landscape is rapidly changing, and it’s harder than ever to define where a vehicle comes from. For example, Honda makes more models in America than any other company, according to’s latest American-Made Index. With four vehicles making the ranking, the business beats out Ford with three entries on the list, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' two, including the Jeep Wrangler as the overall winner, and General Motors’ single model in the ranking.

2017 American-Made Index Ranking:

  1. Jeep Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited from Toledo, Ohio
  2. Jeep Cherokee from Toledo, Ohio
  3. Ford Taurus from Chicago, Illinois
  4. Honda Ridgeline from Lincoln, Alabama
  5. Acura RDX from East Liberty, Ohio
  6. Ford F-150 from Claycomo, Missouri, and Dearborn, Michigan
  7. Ford Expedition from Louisville, Kentucky
  8. GMC Acadia from Spring Hill, Tennessee
  9. Honda Odyssey from Lincoln, Alabama
  10. Honda Pilot from Lincoln, Alabama

After 11 years of doing this analysis, had to completely change its annual study’s methodology because under the original criteria only two vehicles meet the stipulations – down from eight last year. Previously, the researchers looked at where assembly took place, the percentage of domestic parts, and checked the sales in the U.S. A model had to have at least 75 percent domestic-parts content.

Ranks Of The Most American-Made Cars From 2016:

The new version looks at “assembly location, domestic-parts content, U.S. factory employment adjusted by sales to reflect how many employees each sale supports, engine origin and transmission origin.” To further refine the list, the tally removes vehicles that sold fewer than 2,500 units in the first quarter of 2017, products in their final model year, models exclusively for export, and any car “below the top 40 percent of all domestic-parts content ratings among U.S.-built models.” 

Having eight vehicles making the American-Made Index doesn’t seem very impressive at first glance, but these are only the models that match all of’s complicated criteria. According to the researchers, about 60 percent of the vehicles sold in the U.S. come from factories in the country.

The methodology last year ranked the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave as the country's most American-made models.


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