LSD Design released information on their new wing doors for the Nissan GT-R. The creatively named LSD Flügeltürbeschläge, which is not actually a good choice for a "safe word" with your dominatrix, is one more step in the quest by aftermarket parts makers to customize every Nissan GT-R that comes off the line.

We kid, of course. "Flügeltürbeschläge" loosely translates from German as a more multisyllabic way of saying "fitted wing door." For €1949, you get the accessory with roller guides, to guarantee precision every time the door is opened or closed. The guides are also adjustable, to ensure the best fit possible. Also nice is that the doors can bolt on pretty easily, "without welding and paint work," according to the design firm.

These wings are much easier to use than they are to pronounce, since the company used the original mounting points that Nissan used. When getting out, simply open the door slightly outward, and let it go up in the air. Closing the doors is done in one fluid motion.

The wings are now commercially available. Sadly, you will probably not be able to score a license plate that says "Flügeltürbeschläge".


Gallery: LSD Wing Doors for Nissan GT-R

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