Although they took launch control off the car, the 2010 Nissan Series II GT-R still managed to beat the 2009 model on the 'Ring by 1.5 seconds. No crying in your beer, Porsche fans.

Whenever a vehicle has so much hype around it as the new Nissan GT-R, people always get skeptical about its capabilities. Nissan, clearly understanding this principle, held almost nothing back in building their latest sportscar.

We all remember its astonishing 7m 29s run around the 'Ring, which beat out the Porsche 911 GT2 by several seconds. Porsche tried to defend their honor by calling "shenanigans," which Nissan defended by releasing video of the run and allowing anybody to inspect the car used for excess tuning or non-stock parts.

Nissan decided to put their slightly updated 2010MY GT-R to the test. The new model brings five more horsepower to the table for 485hp plus modified launch control, retuned gearbox, slightly larger fuel tank, better fuel economy, retuned suspension, and sticky tires. Before its run on the Nurburgring, they also added the optionally available Rays forged alloys.

With former F1 stand-in driver Toshio Suzuki behind the wheel, the 2010 GT-R posted a time of 7 minutes 27.56 seconds, beating last year's model by 1.5 seconds, and increasing its dominance over the 911 GT2.

Wow. Just wow.

Despite the time, the manufacturer claimed that "although dry, the track surface grip was impaired by dust and sand." So, Nissan wants another shot. They're gunning for the time GM posted on their 2009 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1. Nissan will take the GT-R back to circuit in the hopes of beating the 'Vette's time of 7:26.4.