A short, but sweet teaser video.

Remember the i8 Concept Spyder? That came out way back in April 2012 and it won’t be until next year when a production version will hit the streets. Meanwhile, BMW is firing up its teaser campaign with a clip depicting the plug-in hybrid droptop wearing an extensive camouflage to hide its already very familiar shape.

The only part of the car that’s not wearing any disguise is the roof, which looks like it’s made of fabric, but we’re not entirely sure. Very similar prototypes have been caught by our spy photographers in recent months, so the teaser is not actually showing something that we haven’t seen before, unless we’re missing something. Compared to the coupe, the i8 Roadster will boast two humps behind the rear seats as seen on the i8 Vision Future Interaction concept. Overall, the design will be in line with its fixed roof counterpart.

2018 BMW i8 Roadster teaser
2018 BMW i8 Roadster teaser

Logic tells us the model will be based on the upcoming facelift for the coupe, so expect the electrified convertible to feature the regular i8’s rumored power boost from day one. Some reports are indicating output of the hybrid powertrain consisting of a three-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor will be taken to somewhere in the region of 372 horsepower, but it’s better to wait for an official statement from Bavaria. Besides packing more hybrid punch, the updated i8 is allegedly going to feature a bigger battery pack with more juice for a prolonged electric range.

While sales are slated to commence in 2018, we won’t be too surprised if BMW will reveal the i8 Roadster in the months to come. This would explain the release of a teaser video. Our money is on the Frankfurt Motor Show in September or even sooner on the Internet.

As far as pricing is concerned, expect to pay a premium over the regular coupe as it’s the case with most coupes transformed into convertibles. For reference, the standard i8 kicks off from $143,400 MSRP in the United States whereas at home in Germany it retails for €134,000 before throwing any options on it.

Source: BMW

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