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Audi is starting the week before the A8’s debut scheduled for July 11 with yet another Spidey-themed teaser video revealing some of the niceties in store for its all-new flagship model. This time around, we are able to check out the long-wheelbase version of the full-size sedan with an abundance of legroom and a touch-operated rear center console providing access to a multitude of functions.


One of them is the foot massage, which upon activation will release an electrically operated panel mounted on the front seat’s back to allow the passenger stretch his legs and get a foot massage thanks to what Audi calls a “relaxation seat.”

While the latest teaser video is primarily about this new feature, those of you with a keen eye for detail will notice another novelty. It’s the secondary touch panel mounted below on the front center console from where the driver and the front passenger will be able to fiddle with the climate control settings.

2018 Audi A8 teaser
2018 Audi A8 teaser

We had a feel the next-generation Audi A8 would get this setup after seeing the two Q8 concepts with a similar layout. One of the screenshots below shows a small section of the center console and it appears to be made predominately out of touch-sensitive glass.

Another screenshot gives us the opportunity to have a really close look at the aforementioned rear-mounted touch panel accompanied by numerous physical controls for adjusting the two comfy rear seats. It looks like the passengers will be able to change the intensity of the foot massage and will get to pick from “wave” and “stretch” options.

As a refresher, the new A8 will finally receive its world debut in a week from tomorrow at the Audi Summit in Barcelona.

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