A for effort, though.

After making a brief appearance at E3 a few weeks ago during the Forza Motorsport 7 presentation, the hotly anticipated Porsche 911 GT2 RS received its proper world debut on Friday at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The most powerful and quickest road-going 911 ever made went up the hill this past weekend, but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned. No, it did not crash as it was the case with some other cars, like the extremely rare Ford RS200 Evolution.


The idea behind the run was to put on a good show for the gathered audience rather than attempting to take down the record for the fastest lap. The driver tried to perform a donut on a wider section of the short track, but the car’s electronic aids probably kicked in and blocked the rear-wheel-drive supercar from spinning around in a circle.

It’s worth mentioning the Porsche’s traction control system was probably off taking into account the start of the video shows a tail-happy 911 leaving a small trail of white smoke from its hot tires.

As for the other car featured in the adjacent video, it’s Porsche’s second debut at the festival, the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. It went up the hill solo in a separate run, flaunting its eye-grabbing Golden Yellow Metallic paint adorned by those dual carbon stripes. The special edition is basically the next best thing to a GT2 RS and will be made in only 500 examples, thus living up to its name as it will be even more exclusive than the 690-hp monster.

The 911 duo continued its journey after the failed donut attempt of the gray car as if nothing had happened.

A for effort, dough though.

[Update] A new video from Goodwood has emerged, showing the new supreme Nine Eleven from Stuttgart can actually be used for multiple tire-shredding donuts if the electronics don't get in the way. Enjoy.

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