New Ceed Plus MPV will likely come with two 1.6 liter engines, one diesel, one petrol, each offering 126 hp.

We can stop calling it the production version of the No 3 concept and use a proper name for it now as this is the reported Kia Ceed Plus MPV.

In these spy pics we get to see more clearly its front end and snap a quick peek inside too.

The Ceed Plus MPV will enter a segment of the market that has always been rather competitive and will only get more so in these difficult economic times. It's good news, though, for this C-segment (Europe), or what is often referred to as the Golf-class, when buyers are downsizing from larger vehicles, especially when they can find more room inside a medium-sized hatch.

That is what the MPV-ization of models such as the Ceed or the Golf (into the Golf Plus) or the Focus (turned into a C-Max) is offering - more room for the buck.

And the Kia Ceed will also provide an adequate amount of bang too with 1.6 liter petrol and diesel engines likely on offer, both producing 126 hp. A 2.0 liter may also come down the pike for the model, one producing 142 hp.


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