Latest in the franchise, Fast & Furious breaks box office record for April with a 72.5 million dollar take last weekend. Both Walker and Diesel starred in the original film The Fast and the Furious back in 2001 and have now signed on for a fifth one.

After the latest film in the franchise has proven itself an unqualified hit, Fast & Furious stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have immediately signed on for a fifth movie in the series.

Fast & Furious broke a box office record for April by posting a 72.5 million (US) take for the opening weekend.

The stars certainly wasted no time in committing to making more road raging action for the big screen. Since the original film, The Fast and the Furious released back in 2001, was a break-out hit for both stars, Diesel and Walker have seen their careers flounder with a slew of poorly received movie fare. After returning to the franchise this time around, they seem to realize where their bread gets buttered.

Fast & Furious, released last week to tepid reviews, has defied the critics and founds its audience in the car tuning subcultures in the United States and of those around the world. Though, Walker may have inadvertently acknowledged that this wasn't the best of sequels and hopes to make the next one the film that tops the series.

"I don't think the best one's been done yet," he is quoted in the MSNBC story.