A big and heavy SUV such as the Range Rover Sport SVR is not exactly what we would call the perfect stunt material, but once in the hands of a skilled driver like Terry Grant, it becomes as nimble as a Miata. Ok, we’re exaggerating, but you get the idea. Just a few moments ago at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the talented stunt driver took the 550-horsepower supercar disguised as an SUV for a not-so-quick run up the hill.

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He was very careful as to not use too much tire tread by driving the $111,350 machine on just two wheels for the most part, though he quickly forgot about being thrifty after all four wheels finally touched the ground. Terry Grant performed a couple of donuts to the delight of the attendees, leaving a trail of white smoke behind him after flooring the supercharged 5.0-liter V8.

It’s not every day that you get to see an SUV ballet dancing on a track, let alone one that weighs a hefty 2,335 kilograms (5,148 pounds). Although Terry Grant didn’t do a full run of the famous Goodwood hill climb on two wheels, he did make up for that with the delicious donuts.

As most of you know by now, the model is about to receive a facelift, one that will dial up the power to a monstrous 575 hp, because obviously, 550 hp is not enough. Spy shots depicting prototypes have shown the refresh likely due before the end of the year will bring along some subtle styling tweaks.

If you were curious to see the Range Rover Sport SVR’s undercarriage, now is a good opportunity, either by checking out the video above or the screenshots below.

Source: Goodwood Festival of Speed

Gallery: Range Rover Sport SVR at 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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