The FIA is investigating what role team boss Martin Whitmarsh played in the 'lie-gate' scandal.

F1's governing body, having already summoned the Mercedes-powered team to an extraordinary meeting of the World Motor Sport Council later this month, has requested tapes from the British broadcaster BBC.

Based on the interview in question with Whitmarsh, we reported immediately after the Australian grand prix that the Briton seemed to back the untrue argument that would subsequently be presented to the stewards by Dave Ryan and Lewis Hamilton.

"Trulli took back the place under the safety car, which ordinarily you wouldn't do," Whitmarsh had said in Melbourne.

According to reports in Britain, including in the Telegraph newspaper, the FIA wants to study the original BBC recording of the Whitmarsh comments.

If its team boss backed the Ryan-Hamilton argument prior to the stewards hearings, McLaren could be accused of also lying about Whitmarsh's involvement in and knowledge about the affair.