One could argue that Maserati hasn't built a real sports car since the MC12 ended production in 2005. The Alfieri concept teased us from afar, and even with a facelift, the GranTurismo is going on nearly 10 years without a major upgrade. So what is Maserati to do to win back the enthusiast? Maybe the marque should look to this rendering for inspiration.

Dubbed the Maserati Genesi concept, the sports car was digitally imagined by artist Sergey Dvornytskyy of Italy. It’s a far cry from anything currently in the lineup, and blends together cues from the Alfieri and GranTurismo to create a stunning "high-performance, stylish two-seat coupe for people with a passion for driving," says Dvornytskyy.

Maserati Genesi Concept
Maserati Genesi Concept

The front fascia borrows a number of signature Maserati features, including the vertical spoked grille, and the sleek headlights stolen from the Alfieri concept. The side profile is unique and elegant, while the rear continues the sporting theme with an aggressive diffuser and slim taillights. The concept acts as a sort of spiritual successor to the original 2000 Coupe. 

The cabin is minimalistic but luxurious, featuring diamond-quilted white leather seats and blue accents throughout, a central touchscreen infotainment system, and a race-inspired steering wheel with a digital instrument cluster. The concept has a number of autonomous capabilities, says the designer, and even includes an option to simulate an "alternative reality" while in autonomous mode. All in theory, of course.

Maserati Genesi Concept

The concept, if produced, would be completely electric, and similar to the Alfieri concept, would have somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 to 500 horsepower (298 to 372 kilowatts). Overall, it’s a stunning design study that Maserati designers might want to consider when moving forward.

Source: Sergey Dvornytskyy / Behance

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