Drivers need to be paying maximum attention at the Nürburgring because anything can happen there. Usually, the major concern is what other vehicles are doing, but the BMW driver in this video nearly as a close encounter of the rodent kind at the Green Hell when a squirrel runs across the track.

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We have to applaud this person’s quick thinking, though. The driver jukes just in time and misses turning the little squirrel into road kill. The move causes the motorist to miss the apex, and the person sacrifices a few tenths of a second of the lap time to save the rodent’s life. A less conscientious driver might have just run over the creature.

After narrowly missing the BMW’s tires, the squirrel lifts its tail and seems to find extra speed in getting across the rest of the track. Here’s hoping that whatever nuts are on that side of the forest are worth nearly dying for.

If this video goes viral, maybe this corner can get a squirrel-related nickname. It wouldn’t be the first time an animal inspired the moniker for one of the course’s many curves. At one point during the track’s construction, the worked stopped because a fox hid in a drainage pipe. The builders gave the now-famous section the name FuchsröhreFuchs translating to fox and Röhre meaning tube or duct.

On the corporate side, BMW currently has its engineers at the 'Ring developing several new vehicles. For example, Spy shots show that the X7 looks like a pumped up version of the X5, and the next 1 Series appears rather sleek.

Via: Jalopnik Video Source: Auto Addiction via YouTube

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