BMW and Audi are set for an advertising feud on one of California's busiest roads. Audi started it by presenting the new A4 and then calling out BMW to respond. BMW hit back with an M3. Your move Audi.

A Santa Monica-based advertising agency called Juggernaut Advertising has responded to an outdoor Audi A4 commercial in what might become a mini advertising war with BMW. Audi had placed a billboard featuring the new A4 on the heavily-trafficked Santa Monica Blvd in California. The commercial has the headline "Your move, BMW" in an apparent challenge to the fellow German.

Juggernaut Advertising, on behalf of BMW, then placed a billboard on the opposite side of the road featuring the M3 Coupe and the word "Checkmate" on it. The advertising game played by the two brands may not have started out as a game of virtual commercial chess but it looks to be shaping up as such.

Some might see BMW's response as being too heavy-handed considering that Audi did not bring out its big guns to the "chess board" but a rather pedestrian S-Line A4. For the moment it looks as though BMW called on its powerful queen piece after being threatened by a mere bishop. Perhaps the current lack of an RS model in that range could be the reason? Nevertheless Audi's response will be much anticipated.

Feuding BMW and Audi billboards on Santa Monica Blvd