This Chevy Camaro was built to look like a capable competitor vehicle in "Death Race." We think they did a good job, but where's the napalm?

2008's Death Race was not nearly the box office force some analysts expected, but the film did earn more money abroad than it did in the U.S.  More than a few of those movie-goers must have been from Russia, because a group of students there labored dilligently to create a Camaro that could be used to compete against the film's hero, Jensen "Frankenstein" Ames.

The show car was introduced at the Moscow Tuning and DreamCar Show, an exhibition that just opened in Russia.  Designers of the car all attend the Moscow Arts and Industrial Institute.  They bolted machine guns and RPGs on top of a 1975 Chevy Camaro, used matte-grey paint, modded out the side windows, and added ground effects all around.  They clearly dedicated a lot of work to the armor plated sections in the front and back, which do have a significant resemblance to the vehicles in the film.  We're not sure who the lady is that's stomping on the hood, but (sadly) she definitely does not resemble the Elizabeth Case character, played by Natalie Martinez.

Unfortunately, the three-day show ended over the weekend.  Hopefully, this car will be brought to other shows around Russia, and worldwide.

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