It's a pilot program for now, but it could be expanded to other areas.

What is perhaps the dumbest thing one can do behind the wheel of a car? Get involved in street racing. A million things could go wrong and have a negative impact not just on those inside the cars, but also on innocent people minding their own business on the sidewalks.

As a matter of fact, back in February 2015, the driver of a Ford Mustang lost control and headed into the line of spectators that were watching the illegal race. Two spectators were killed and another one was injured, but thankfully lived to see another day.

Street races are a serious issue in some parts of Los Angeles where the authorities have decided to fight back by installing rumble strips. To get a better understanding of how big of a problem this is, the Canoga Avenue in Chatsworth is actually known locally as the “Canoga Speedway.” While regular drivers might not be delighted to see these rumble strips, it’s a necessary evil to try and discourage reckless street racers from considering public roads as their own race tracks.

These strips not only generate a noise, but also channel vibrations into the vehicles and lower tire grip when driving over them at higher speeds. Another perk these rumble strips bring to the table is the freedom to install them everywhere unlike conventional speed humps that are not allowed on certain streets.

The pilot program is going to be monitored for the following three months, but transportation authorities are already seeing positive results: speeding in those areas is down by 10 percent. The rumble strips installed so far cost roughly $25,000. However, this was a donation made by the manufacturer to see how these would fare.

Should the program prove its efficiency, rumble strips could be installed in other areas outside the San Fernando Valley. The money will come from a “special fund,” according to Fox 11 Los Angeles.

Source: Fox 11 Los Angeles

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