Coud fall victim to EV and hybrid development costs.

BMW has plans to streamline its production process and to simplify its list of variants and engines of different models to offset research and development costs. One of the victims of the decision will be the 2 Series Coupe, which will ditch its manual transmission in the United States.

The move is part of the brand’s ambitions to move more finances into electric vehicle development. In order to achieve that, it will have to cut some versions and, unfortunately, it will start with the fun ones because they don’t sell well.

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Given the proportion of manual to automatic sales of the 2 Series Coupe, it’s no surprise one of the best drivers’ cars will lose the six-speed manual. The manual has been also dropped from entry-level versions of the new 5 Series to cut down the cost of certifying components in each market. Other victims of the new strategy will be some diesel engines from the range.

“In the 5 Series we have four diesel engines on offer. I would not bet on there being four diesel engines on offer in the next generation vehicle,” BMW’s chief finance officer, Nicolas Peter, commented to Reuters.

2018 BMW 2 Series facelift
2018 BMW 2 Series facelift
2018 BMW 2 Series facelift

Peter explained that electric and hybrid cars are less profitable than gasoline and diesel vehicles and BMW will be looking for savings by reducing the complexity of its engine, transmission, and equipment portfolio. "We have over 100 steering wheels on offer. Do we need that many variants?" We say no.

One of the main reasons BMW wants to invest more in its EV and hybrid lineup is China. The local government wants promote electric mobility and to force manufacturers to accelerate the process of creating new eco-friendly cars.

Source: Reuters via The Truth About Cars

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