Probably the weirdest thing you'll see at Goodwood this year...

While most automakers are bringing out their best and brightest vehicles at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed – the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR, for example – Honda has decided to take a more unique marketing approach. Honda U.K. unveiled its "Human Car" today at the event, which takes a closer look at the connection between man and machine.

Working with a group of 12 performance artists from the Ministry of Fun, the display attempts to shape Honda vehicles like Civic Type R and Fireblade bike, all while "closing the gap between man and machine," says the company. The body positioning required the bending and intermingling of 48 limbs to create the illusion.

Honda Human Car Goodwood

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"This was an ambitious, interesting project requiring a team of talented performers to pull off the transformation," said Kevin Doody, choreographer at Ministry of Fun. "We are delighted to launch this at Honda’s stand ahead of what promises to be a fun festival at Goodwood."

Together with the display, the company also introduced the Honda Challenge Lab, essentially a playground full of "extraordinary ideas" providing a number of physical and mental challenges along the way, including a rock climbing wall, as well as a few speed and cognitive challenges.

If automotive art isn’t your thing, worry not, the company will also bring along a number of iconic Type R vehicles in celebration of the Type R brand’s 25th anniversary. Most notably in attendance will be the Japan-only 1992 NSX R, and of course the all-new Civic Type R, among others. Stay tuned this weekend as the festivities continue.

Source: Honda

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