This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed is a big one for Aston Martin. Not only is the company set to debut a pair of upgraded models at the historic hillclimb, it has a small Le Mans victory to celebrate. By small we mean fairly momentous, as the manufacturer’s V8 Vantage claimed the GTE Pro category win on the very last lap. So we suspect when this Vantage AMR Pro thundered up the hill, there was just a bit more pride than usual from the Aston Martin camp.


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And it’s not like anyone else didn’t notice the car on course. People often associate the British automaker with a V12 soundtrack, but that 503-horsepower V8 makes a positively glorious sound through the curves at Goodwood. As one of only seven built, the Vantage AMR Pro also sports fully adjustable suspension and a full-on rollcage – hence why this is a track-only beast.

The other track-only beast from the automaker’s AMR performance division at Goodwood is the fresh-off-the-press Vulcan AMR Pro. Sadly we don’t have video footage of that car (yet), but the photo gallery below shows you all the wings and flaps that give this already-extreme racer enough downforce to dislodge pavement. The aero tweaks do more than just push the car into the ground, they also redistribute the force to give the Vulcan better balance overall at speed.


Gallery: Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro


The other big debut for Aston Martin at Goodwood is the new Mercedes-AMG powered DB11. By swapping the standard V12 for a 4.0-liter biturbo V8, the new DB11 loses nearly 100 horsepower but also loses 253 pounds off the nose of the car, which in theory should seriously help the DB11 in the corners.

The DB11’s footage going up the hill isn’t quite as dramatic as its loud-and-proud Vantage stablemate, but with two new models and a Le Mans win to celebrate, Aston Martin is no doubt living large this year at Goodwood.




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