Ah, the Nürburgring. A recent obsession for some automakers and pure heaven for car enthusiasts. Whether you have a Kia cee apostrophe d or a Bugatti Chiron, the ‘Ring with its 73 corners is the place to go polish your driving skills and have a lot of fun in the process. Two very different cars dueled on the 22.8-km Nordschleife recently, a Renault Megane RS and a McLaren MP14-12C. To the surprise of many, the former was able to keep up the pace with the latter.

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To be fair, the Renaultsport model in question was far from being stock as the YouTube video’s description says that it had a mighty 370 horsepower, which is almost 100 hp more than the beefiest Megane RS of them all: the 275 Cup. It also went through a diet as the same description reads 1,300 kilograms (2,866 pounds) whereas the Megane RS 275 Cup tips the scales at 1,376 kg (3,033 pounds). The French hot hatch also rocked a custom suspension and probably some other upgrades that we don’t know of just yet.

Even with all of these extra goodies in place, you’d think a Megane RS would be humiliated by a McLaren MP4-12C given the differences between the two in terms of price, power, and outright performance. Think again. Once you factor in the skilled driver, the gap between the two nearly disappears. Sure, the man behind the wheel of Woking’s supercar might not have taken his prized possession to the max for various reasons, such as the risk of clashing with the other cars as the ‘Ring was pretty busy that day.

You can’t buy a Megane RS 275 Cup anymore, nor can you get an MP4-12C. Renault will soon have the all-new model on sale while McLaren will be more than happy to lure you into buying the 720S.

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