Better communication between cars.

As of 2019, Volkswagen will start fitting most of its vehicles with pWLAN as standard. The system will serves as “an additional communication technology for the exchange selected information relevant to traffic between cars made by different manufacturers.”

Simply said, the German manufacturer will help its cars have a better communication between each other to improve road safety. For example, e the vehicles will be able to share information about the current traffic situation, accidents and other situations relating to traffic conditions, within a radius of approximately 500 meters.

The technology used by the automaker is based on the pWLAN standard, which was standardized by and tested by automotive industry for direct, non-proprietary inter-vehicle communication between vehicles. Thanks to it, the communication can be established by several hundred meters and, as Volkswagen says, it virtually makes it possible “to look round the corner.”

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"We want to increase road safety with the aid of networked vehicles, and the most efficient way of achieving this is through the rapid roll-out of a common technology," Johannes Neft, Head of Vehicle Body Development for the Volkswagen brand, explains. "What matters most is that the technology is used consistently, and by as many manufacturers and partners as possible."

When it is launched in 2019, the system will be able to detect emergency situations, like a car making an emergency stop or the on-board sensors detecting black ice. Volkswagen promises that within a few milliseconds, the information will be processed and shared with the local environment, “allowing other road users to react to this risky situation appropriately.”

Once the police officers and emergency services are also equipped with the technology, they will be able to receive information about road situations in advance.

Source: Volkswagen

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