[Update] Video added. At one point, it shows the car's rear end. A couple of screenshots have been added in the gallery at the end of the article.

We are less than two weeks away from the official reveal of the hotly anticipated all-new A8 and Audi has decided the best way to ease the wait would be send one over to Los Angeles for the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere.

Naturally, the car was not without camouflage as it was clad in a fully body spider web disguise to complement the VIP sitting in the back: Spider-Man himself. The hero climbed on top of the fullsize sedan’s hood and leaned on its windshield to spread his web and also to take selfies with the audience gathered at the movie’s debut.

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As for the car itself, it doesn’t reveal anything new that we haven’t seen before, but even so we now should have a better understanding of how the design will evolve thanks to real-life images. The biggest styling change is not visible in the fresh imagery as the photos are not showing the rear where the taillights will be interconnected through a wide light bar mounted on the trunk lid. The reveal was made in a previous teaser showing the new Audi Virtual Cockpit and some of the semi-autonomous technologies activated by pressing the “Audi AI” button on the center console.

If you have a soft spot for Audi and at the same time you’re fan of Spider-Man, you’re in for a treat considering the new A8 is not the only Audi featured in Homecoming. It shares the big screen with the TTS and R8 droptops.

The wraps will finally come off the next-generation A8 on July 11 at the Audi Summit in Barcelona. Meanwhile, we won’t be too surprised if Audi will come out with even more of these teasers, previews, or whatever you like to call them.

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