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There’s a very good reason why auto manufacturers spend so much time testing at the Nürburgring, and it’s not just to annoy James May. To conquer the Nordschleife means enduring 12.9 miles of hills, bumps, and blind corners that have a tendency to expose weaknesses in both man and machine. It’s certainly a great place to fine-tune the handling prowess of a high-end supercar, but it also helps the more mundane forms of transportation be a bit less, well, mundane.


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We aren’t suggesting the Audi RS3 Sportback is mundane. With a 400-horsepower turbocharged five-pot driving its Quattro all-wheel drive system, few four-door hatchbacks offer such entertaining performance wrapped in a practical package. There are, however, some inherent deficiencies in the Audi’s layout that this video highlights – rather hilariously we might add – on a particularly tricky corner.

First off, we are very happy that all five (yes, five) RS3s featured in this clip survived without any apparent damage. That said, no amount of simulated time on a gaming console can prepare you for the Nürburgring in real life. Whether these RS3 drivers were new to the track or not, we don’t know. The fact that each discovered the Audi’s penchant for understeer at the same corner on apparently the same lapping session is both amusing and enlightening.

It’s entirely possible this day at the track saw numerous cars miss the same corner, but through creative editing we’re only privy to the Audis. There are probably a few Mustang drivers who would say the rash of car show crash videos circulating the internet conveniently omit Camaros, Corvettes, Porsches, BMWs, and numerous other models piloted by numbskulls. The RS3 is actually quite adept at turning, but it’s not exactly a secret that most all-wheel drive models will tend towards understeer in such circumstances. Could Audi's RS3 be worse than most?

On this particular day at the Nürburgring, with these particular drivers, what do you think?

Source: Statesidesupercars via YouTube

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