The company also announced two other recalls: one for the Police Interceptor Utility and one for the Escape.

Ford has issued a trio of recalls, although two of the campaigns affect vehicles in the single digits of units.

The largest of the bunch affects 402,462 examples of the 2015-2017 Ford Transit in North America, including 370,630 of them in the United States, 26,254 in Canada, 3,217 in Mexico, and 2,361 in federalized territories. The campaign specifically covers the van/bus variant in medium-, long-, and extended-wheelbase bodies, plus chassis cab/cutaway versions with the medium wheelbase. These models were made at the Kansas City Assembly Plant with production dates from January 17, 2014, to June 15, 2017.

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Ford needs to replace the flexible driveshaft coupling in these vehicles. The current part can crack and cause the driveshaft to separate from the vehicle. This would cause of complete loss of drive power on the road, and the Park gear also wouldn’t work. Drivers would need to use the parking brake to keep the van stationary. Plus, the driveshaft separating from the transmission can cause damage to surrounding components like the lines carrying brake fluid and fuel.

Ford has no reports of accidents or injuries from this problem. The Blue Oval believes that the current flexible couplings wouldn’t deteriorate before the vehicle reaches 30,000 miles. 

At this time, Ford doesn’t have a final repair for this problem. Until a complete fix is ready, the Blue Oval intends to replace the driveshaft coupling every 30,000 miles. The company believes one of two solutions should eventually fix the problem: either a redesigned flexible coupling with a modified driveshaft bracket and shield or a revised driveshaft equipped with a universal joint.


Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

Separately, Ford is recalling four examples of the 2017 Police Interceptor Utility in the U.S. because the second-row seats might not have an inboard attachment point. In a crash someone back there might not have the proper amount of restraint and injuries could be more likely. The company knows of no accidents or injuries from this issue.


2016 Ford Escape

Finally, the company is recalling three units of the 2016 Escape in the U.S. to replace driver knee airbag modules. Upon deployment, the current parts might not inflate fully. The company knows of no accidents or injuries from this issue. Dealers will replace the components.

Source: Ford

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