The new series takes a hilarious approach to the most complex machine in the world – relationships.

Here’s one for all the do-it-yourselfers out there who like to get their hands dirty. For decades, Haynes shop manuals have been the bible for us crazy-in-the-head automotive adventurers who do more than just drive cars. Through our use of tools and ability to read, we are able to mend problems on our beloved machines at least 50 percent 30 percent of the time – a number that could never be achieved without the clear descriptions and exploded diagrams from the oil-stained Haynes manual at our sides.


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Now, the shade tree mechanics of the world can enjoy that same kind of success rate with the only thing more complicated than replacing the head gaskets on a 2001 Audi S4: marriage. Haynes Explains: Marriage is a great book for the fellas out there because let’s be honest, the ladies pretty much have this figured out, and besides, they have the Mars and Venus book that seems to work so well. But we’re fairly certain that other guide doesn’t contain electrical diagrams for better communication, or a comprehensive walkthrough on how to safely propose marriage in the first place. Perhaps the best advice in the book – or the entire world – comes in that very first section on making an offer: Check your wiring and make sure no screws are loose. Truer words have never been said.


Haynes Explains Marriage


This tongue-in-cheek guide to marriage is written by Boris Starling, and is part of a new Haynes Explains series that pays homage to the classic manual’s style with all kinds of humorous comparisons and witty observations. Having perused some of the pages, there could even be a bit of proper advice to keeping a marriage running. Or at least, keeping it off jack stands in the back yard with a blown engine hanging from a tree.

Once this concept is mastered, Starling and the Haynes Explains series offers similar help with pensioners, teenagers, and yes, babies. Take our advice – you’ll want an empty stomach when reading the section on diagnosing lean and rich conditions in the infant's exhaust system.

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