American automaker puts Rolls-Royce in its sights with gigantic, Art-Deco-inspired model.

Godsil Motorcars announced the Manhattan V16 with a hazy teaser in 2013 with the intention of revealing the vehicle in 2014. Years later, we are finally seeing fresh renders of this Art-Deco-inspired luxury coupe with the design inspiration, “what would a Duesenberg look like today if they were still in business?”

Godsil Manhattan V16

The Manhattan’s design is reminiscent of the retro-futuristic luxury coupes like the 2010 Maybach Exelero. The model features a gargantuan, vented hood and boat-tail rear.The firm would use brushed stainless steel for the trim along areas like the grille, side vents windshield, center-exit exhaust. Godsil’s coupe would be massive, too, with a 134-inch wheelbase, which would even top the 130.7-inch Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. There’s room for four inside, and they enter through a pair of rear-hinged doors. The firm would offer two-tone paint as a way to evoke luxury machines of the Art Deco period. Godsil would also offer a panoramic glass roof for an even more opulent cabin.

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Bringing a new vehicle to market is a huge undertaking for any automaker, especially an unproven one. Godsil increases the challenge of getting the Manhattan to the road even more because the firm wants to create its own engine for the coupe. The company's incredibly ambitious goal is to build a dual-overhead cam, 13-liter V16 powerplant that would run on compressed natural gas and produce around 1,000 horsepower.

Godsil Manhattan V16


Godsil has been developing the Manhattan for seven years, and the company's latest announce gave no indication when the production version might go on sale. We have yet to see the luxury coupe in the real world, let alone running on the road with its V16 CNG-fueled powerplant.

Source: Godsil Motorcars

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P R E S S   R E L E A S E


Godsil Manhattan V16


“Halo Car For America”


Godsil Motorcars is proud to introduce the Godsil Manhattan.  This superluxury car utilizes the Godsil V16 engine and is outfitted with all the bespoke appointments that are found in the most luxurious cars the world has to offer.


The design is a continuation of the Art Deco period of the early 20th century utilized by companies like Rolls Royce, Delahaye and Duesenberg.  The idea behind the design is the question Godsil Motorcars asked themselves, “What would a Duesenberg look like today if they were still in business?”  They wanted an Art Deco design without the “retro” look.


To complement its unique look, only a unique engine would work; enter the Godsil V16.  The V16 engine was featured in a few race cars out of Europe in the 1930’s but only used in the American production cars of Cadillac and Marmon.  From 1930-40 the V16 was in these American production cars but then  disappeared.  Godsil Motorcars wants to resurrect this American engine with their DOHC Godsil V16 powered by American sourced Natural Gas.


The CEO and Founder of Godsil Motorcars, Jason Godsil, has lived a life completely surrounded by cars.  From a young age he helped fix and restore old and wrecked cars and went on to buying and selling many American muscle cars as early as his high school years.  During the same time he would sketch car concept designs like many other kids did but he took it a step further by figuring out engine combinations, new engine styles and even retail pricing for his concept cars even though he knew to create a new car company would be a monumental task.


In 2001, after watching a documentary on the Ford GT40, he created a new supercar design with the idea of it being powered by an X16 engine.  The engine would basically be two V8’s mirrored at the crank plane.  The Godsil Divino, as it was called, was supposed to be a modern version of the Ford GT40 but the idea died out.


In April 2010 Jason was sketching an idea of an Art Deco luxury car, for some reason that sketch became the spark that spurred on a seven year drive to create the “Halo Car For America”. In 2011 that design had morphed into a “boat tail” 2-dr coupe called the Manhattan.  At first it was going to be an electric car that would be priced in the $80,000 range but as more research was done, the electric idea hadn’t advanced very far and there are still some questions about what is going to happen a few decades down the road when these 1200lbs batteries are dead.  Jason then went back to his true passion which was very high-end vehicles and an internal combustion engine.  The idea was to resurrect the V16 engine like what the 2003 Cadillac Sixteen and the 2004 Rolls Royce 100EX concept cars were looking towards.


The V16 is the “holy grail” of internal combustion engines.  So few were ever built, most people have never even seen one.  Godsil Motorcars is determined to use this engine for the first time in a production car since 1940.  Not only that, they are designing the engine now to be the first DOHC V16 to be used as well.  This V16 will be in the 13 liter, 800 cubic inch, neighborhood and will be around 1,000HP.  When Jason decided on the V16 he set out to research how Cadillac built their concept car engine.  It was quickly known that Katech Engines was the one that not only built the V16 engine for Cadillac but also creates a lot of other high performance engines for GM.  Godsil Motorcars wants to use the same companies that the big car companies use to ensure that the car will be developed and built correctly from the beginning.  Jason contacted Katech and talked with then president, Stephen Chue.  Stephen and Jason talked regularly about the idea of the V16 until Stephen resigned as president to start his own company, Ktisis.  At that time Stephen recommended that Godsil Motorcars use the V16 but powered by natural gas.


Jason researched natural gas and was very intrigued.  Not only is natural gas about 33% cleaner than gasoline and produces similar horsepower, torque and fuel mileage but America is the “Saudi Arabia” of natural gas, having the 5th most natural gas reserves at 304 trillion cubic feet!  Natural gas is America’s fuel which means if it can get into the mainstream of vehicle use, America can stop buying oil from countries that don’t like us much.  Jason was on board with natural gas.  The Godsil Manhattan can help bring natural gas to the public and be the cheerleader for American resources and manufacturing.


One of the biggest questions is “Is it safe?” and “Where would you fuel up?”  DOT tested and approved fuel tanks are already on the market.  Hundreds of thousands of cars, trucks and heavy trucks are on the road in the USA and millions worldwide, using natural gas.  Not only is it cleaner burning but it is cheaper and less harmful to your engine compared to gasoline.  About 1500 fuel stations are already built throughout the US and if you have natural gas coming into your house already, a fuel station can be installed in your garage so you can fill out straight out of your wall!  Currently there are trucks and vans built by Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge and a Honda Civic that can be purchased brand new that run on natural gas as well as many aftermarket conversions.  The problem is that these cars and trucks don’t make the cover of car magazines so the public may have never heard of them before.  The Godsil Manhattan will get the natural gas word out to the world with magazine coverage and possibly a TV show series they are currently looking into.  This is due to its amazing Art Deco design and V16 engine.


After working with some well known car designers, Jason finished off the design of the Manhattan in 2013 and worked with a clay modeler to create the shape that would then be used to 3D scan and create the CAD files now being shown for the first time.  In 2013 the MANHATTAN name was filed for and granted in 2015 to Godsil Motorcars for automotive use.


The idea for the Godsil Manhattan is “presence through size”.  The Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne, are large and get attention in part, due to their immense size.  Even other car companies follow this idea; the most luxurious BMW or Cadillac also happens to be their largest cars.  The Godsil Manhattan is following this idea and has placed its size in between the Rolls Royce Wraith and Phantom coupe.  The large car features a 134” wheelbase and seats four. 


The exterior is a modern interpretation of the Art Deco period.  During this period, the "boat tail" design was featured on many luxury cars. It was then modernized for the 1963-67 Chevrolet Corvette and 1971-73 Buick Riviera. The boat tail design also appeared on the one-off Rolls Royce Sweptail that debuted a couple weeks ago.

The Manhattan's initial 2011 sketch had a traditional boat tail that looked a lot like the '60's Corvette. By 2013 the design for the Manhattan was solidified and a modern boat tail design was chosen. This final version has the boat tail look but doesn't come all the way to a point on the car like in the traditional sense. The idea here was to have an Art Deco boat tail shape but have it be wide enough to not invade on the rear passenger's headroom. Two tone paint and “boat tail” shape pays homage to the early days of luxury cars but isn’t retro per say.  The roof can be ordered with the optional glass panel to give a very open feel to the occupants. 


The first half of the 20th century belonged to the chrome accents. Due to the change in bumper laws the chrome bumpers and much of the other chrome accents died out in the 1970’s. The Godsil Manhattan features similar accents but made out of brushed stainless steel. These still have the affect of breaking up the body shapes without being as bright as chrome. Brushed stainless steel is used for the front grill surround, front lip spoiler, side body vents, windshield/roof surround, side window surround, central exit exhaust outlet and all emblems as well as an optional hood. The side body vents allow hot air to be released by the engine radiators mounted just inside the fenders. The 8 vents on each side represent the 8 cylinders found on each side of the V16 engine while also paying homage to the side exhaust pipes that were mounted on some of the Art Deco period luxury cars. 


Another design feature that is rarely seen today is the rear hinged doors that are featured on the Godsil Manhattan.  These were fairly common in the first part of the 20th century but were pretty much dead after the Lincoln Continental and Ford Thunderbird of the 1960’s and 70’s.  Rolls Royce resurrected them on the 2003 Phantom and they have been featured on every model of Rolls Royce since. 


All the lights use LED technology and the name GODSIL is featured on the lower front fender. Whenever the lights turn on or the Manhattan's natural gas V16 engine starts up, the GODSIL name will shine in a soft blue glow.  The beautifully designed 22” wheels feature an aggressive offset on the rear to give a staggered look and compliments the car’s overall design.


The Manhattan is just the first model in the Godsil lineup.  A 4-dr, SUV and mid-engine supercar is being planned and designed currently.  All models will feature the same Godsil V16 engine and will also be named after US cities or landmarks.  All these cars will be Art Deco inspired in the same way that the Manhattan is and will also feature brushed stainless trim.  Godsil Motorcars is a very Pro-American company and will continue to promote America through the model names, sourcing as many products as possible in America, manufacturing of their cars in America and using American sourced natural gas for fuel.


Due to these points, Godsil Motorcars got into contact with prominent natural gas companies in America.  After talking with one of these natural gas companies, it was recommended that Godsil Motorcars should get into contact with their state’s governor’s office to see if there was anything the state could do through grants or the VW legal settlement funds they would be receiving.  Jason wanted to better his odds, so instead of just getting into contact with Washington’s governor, he would contact all 48 continental state’s governors as well as the US Department of Energy.  After meeting or having conference calls with about half the state’s governors, it was a dead end.  Most state’s constitutions won’t allow any funds to go to “for profit” companies and the VW settlement has so many regulations on the funds that it was a waste of time.  After the Department of Energy turned down the idea and venture capital companies only being interested in the next app or social media company, it was time to go public with the design and idea. 


About Godsil Industries


Godsil Industries is separated into four divisions; Godsil Motorcars, Godsil Technology and Engineering, Godsil Design and House of Godsil.  Godsil Motorcars is the main division that will design, engineer and manufacture a line of natural gas V16 superluxury vehicles.  Godsil Technology and Engineering as well as Godsil Design focus on outside projects that other companies need help with.  With engineers and designers on staff to build the Godsil line of superluxury vehicles, these two divisions can tackle just about any projects from outside companies or individual clients.  House of Godsil is the luxury lifestyle division featuring luxury items such as jackets, handbags, time pieces, furniture and more under the Godsil name and logo designed by Jason Godsil or other Godsil designers.