American automaker puts Rolls-Royce in its sights with gigantic, Art-Deco-inspired model.

Godsil Motorcars announced the Manhattan V16 with a hazy teaser in 2013 with the intention of revealing the vehicle in 2014. Years later, we are finally seeing fresh renders of this Art-Deco-inspired luxury coupe with the design inspiration, “what would a Duesenberg look like today if they were still in business?”

Godsil Manhattan V16

The Manhattan’s design is reminiscent of the retro-futuristic luxury coupes like the 2010 Maybach Exelero. The model features a gargantuan, vented hood and boat-tail rear.The firm would use brushed stainless steel for the trim along areas like the grille, side vents windshield, center-exit exhaust. Godsil’s coupe would be massive, too, with a 134-inch wheelbase, which would even top the 130.7-inch Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. There’s room for four inside, and they enter through a pair of rear-hinged doors. The firm would offer two-tone paint as a way to evoke luxury machines of the Art Deco period. Godsil would also offer a panoramic glass roof for an even more opulent cabin.

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Bringing a new vehicle to market is a huge undertaking for any automaker, especially an unproven one. Godsil increases the challenge of getting the Manhattan to the road even more because the firm wants to create its own engine for the coupe. The company's incredibly ambitious goal is to build a dual-overhead cam, 13-liter V16 powerplant that would run on compressed natural gas and produce around 1,000 horsepower.

Godsil Manhattan V16


Godsil has been developing the Manhattan for seven years, and the company's latest announce gave no indication when the production version might go on sale. We have yet to see the luxury coupe in the real world, let alone running on the road with its V16 CNG-fueled powerplant.

Source: Godsil Motorcars

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