Hyundai is exhibiting the Nuvis Concept at the New York Auto Show. The company hopes technologies and hybrid powertrain systems used in the Nuvis will feature in production models and propel it to the leading position in the US in fuel economy terms.

The 2009 New York International Auto Show saw the introduction of the four-seater Hyundai Nuvis Concept. Hyundai is pinning a substantial part of its future on the Nuvis in terms of design, powertrain and technologies. The company plans on being the leading brand in the US in terms of fuel economy by the year 2015. Therefore the Nuvis' Hybrid underpinnings are quite apt for that goal.

Designed to mimic the way water splits and flows around the sides of a boat, the car's front end is supposed to evoke a sense of motion even when it's standing still. The roof looks like it floats over the car because of the hidden pillars and the high-contrast glass.

According to Hyundai a production Nuvis would be the all-in-one vehicle for the couple of the future. It would be just as comfortable carrying skis, taking the children to school or arriving at a prestigious evening function.

Using Hyundai's Hybrid Blue Drive system to go with the existing 2.4-litre Theta II engine means the car can move using an electric motor, or a petrol engine or both units depending on circumstances. The electric unit makes 30kW (41hp) and 205Nm. The Nuvis Concept runs on a 6-speed automatic transmission and uses regenerative braking technology as well as a stop/start system to save fuel and produce fewer C02 emissions.

Part of the technology applied is an infotainment module that allows outside entities to communicate with the car's four passengers individually through their seats by, for instance, performing such acts as informing them of specials being run by a restaurant as they drive past the place.


Hyundai Nuvis Concept World Premiere at New York Auto Show