[UPDATE] Video has been removed from YouTube, but it's still available at the source link below.

Richard Hammond has certainly dodged a few bullets in his life, such as back in 2006 when he was seriously injured while behind the wheel of a jet-powered car during a Top Gear recording in U.K. Earlier this year, he was in Mozambique to shoot for an upcoming episode of The Grand Tour and fell off a motorcycle. Fast forward to early June, he was driving the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar at a hillclimb event in Switzerland when suddenly he wasn’t able to control the 1,088-hp EV anymore, failing to negotiate a left-hand turn and ultimately landing with the wheels facing the sky and the car up in flames.

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Two weeks and one knee surgery later, it seems he’s doing just fine as "The Hamster" is now up to his usual shenanigans. Once again, he’s driving an electric vehicle, though it’s a little bit down on power compared to the Rimac. Hammond has already found a way to customize his latest means of transportation as the old electric wheelchair received as a gift upon his return from the hospital has already been customized to accommodate a pair of crutches making it easier for him to get around.

Details about the EV’s 0-60 mph time are not available at this point, but we have a feeling it’s a tad bit slower than the Rimac’s 2.6 seconds, especially since the twin crutch conversion has added some weight. Hammond says the wheelchair has been “tastefully restored” after being saved from a local farmer’s barn and he’s now using it everywhere.

Joking aside, Hammond’s latest incident has delayed production of The Grand Tour’s second season. It remains to be seen whether this setback means the first episode won’t air in October as originally scheduled. What’s truly important is that he will be making a full recovery and sooner or later he’ll be back on the job with the other two delightful hosts.

Source: Drive Tribe

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