In today’s file from give an inch, take a mile, we have Top Gear. According to The Drive, the motoring show is being investigated for speeding on public roads in Norway. While speeding might technically be an accurate term here, hitting 151 miles per hour in a tunnel isn’t quite the same as getting nabbed for going 10 over on the interstate. On another occasion, a car reportedly hit somewhere between 105 and 112 mph.


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For the record, the road in question was closed to other traffic during these runs, so it’s not like the hosts were recreating a Fast and Furious chase scene. In fact, the BBC says hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris weren’t even in the area during the infractions. In other words, it would appear Rory Reid is totally getting tossed under the proverbial bus on this.

Also for the record, Norway officials had granted special permission for the Top Gear production team to exceed the speed limit on closed roads up to a maximum of 87 miles per hour, presumably to prevent any unauthorized time traveling. Whether or not that specific speed had been clearly communicated to the crew is unknown.

What is known is that Norway has since rescinded Top Gear’s license to speed and authorities are investigating the matter. Should those authorities decide to take action it could be extreme, because Norway is known for having some of the stiffest penalties for speeding throughout Europe. Going just 12 mph over the limit could result in a $665 fine and 18 days in jail. 25 mph violations could see a $1,300 with possibly six months behind bars. Considering the absolute maximum speed in the country is 68 mph, the penalty for more than doubling the limit could be, well, a bombshell.

Here’s hoping the footage was worth it.

Source: The Drive

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