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What’s your first association when you hear the word Lada? It’s the Niva/4x4 offroader, I guess, or maybe the Samara? Well, while the 4x4 is still alive after four decades on the market, the Russian manufacturer has some fresh new models that replace its outdated predecessors. One of the cool new vehicles is the XRAY hatchback/crossover, which now has received a special edition for the Russian market.

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There are two things that make the XRAY Exclusive really exclusive. First, it’s probably the first such a vehicle to come for Lada – or at least one of very few special editions in the history of the brand. Also, it’s, as far as we know, the first production Lada to receive Alcantara leather upholstery for the heated (front) seats.

Lada XRAY Exclusive
Lada XRAY Exclusive
Lada XRAY Exclusive

Other interior goodies include eco-leather for the steering wheel and gear shifter, gloss black decorative accents, and LED lighting that "visually expands the interior space of the car and increases comfort in the dark." Passengers will also enjoy a single-zone automatic climate control, Dacia-sourced infotainment system with USB/AUX connectivity, satellite navigation, parking camera, and Bluetooth, and steering wheel-mounted audio and phone controls.

Power is provided by the standard 1.8-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine, which sends 122 horsepower (90 kilowatts) to the front wheels through either a manual or an automatic gearbox. The XRAY Exclusive has a starting price of 805,900 rubles, or approximately $13,530 at the current exchange rates.

The regular XRAY (pictured above), based on the Dacia Sandero, was introduced in 2015 and was launched on the market in February 2016. It is offered in Russia with the aforementioned 1.8-liter unit and a smaller 1.6-liter motor in two power stages - 106 HP (78 kW) and 114 HP (84 kW). Depending on the trim level, the model comes equipped with electric side mirrors and windows, manual air conditioning, and parking sensors.

Source: Lada via Auto.Mail.Ru

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