At one point in the video, it overtakes the new CLS.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when dealing with camouflaged prototypes, a video is perhaps worth even more. Just a couple of days after seeing the four-door AMG GT flexing its muscles on the Green Hell, the very same prototype has been spotted once again by Nürburgring resident and YouTuber, Automotive Mike.

See the new teasers:

As the spy footage shows, the Mercedes test driver was really pushing the vehicle to the max, giving us the opportunity to see the high-performance sedan in action and also hear the raspy soundtrack of its biturbo 4.0-liter V8. The new member of the growing AMG family shared the track with its closest competitor, the Porsche Panamera. In addition, there was also a next-gen CLS on the ‘Ring and it quickly moved to the right side of the track to clear the road for the furious four-door model tweaked by the skilled engineers from Affalterbach.

It’s tricky to know for sure at this point, but the new AMG GT with four doors appears to be a tad wider than the 2018 CLS. It will be interesting to see whether the launch of Merc’s new sporty sedan will spell the end of the CLS63 since there would be a good amount of overlap that would cause market cannibalization. Parent company Daimler certainly doesn’t want that.

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept
Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Another big piece of the puzzle is whether the production car will receive the concept’s insane 805-hp hybrid powertrain combining the V8 with electric wizardry. The road-going model might not be a sedan per se like the CLS as the showcar from Geneva was technically a hatchback/liftback in the same vein as the Panamera and Audi RS7 Sportback. That would make loading and unloading cargo in the trunk much easier, though chances are practicality won’t rank high on the list of priorities for anyone buying it.

Latest insider info suggests the car will be introduced in 2018 and will arrive in United States that summer. It will be followed shortly in September by the first-ever A-Class Sedan slotting underneath the CLA to serve as the brand's entry-level model in the U.S.

Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door Prototype Spy Shots