We love a good prank. We especially love a good car prank, and we really love it when a manufacturer gets involved. Enter Skoda, which came up with a clever way to promote the company’s new smartphone app to monitor and control various aspects of the car. The app connects via Skoda Connect, giving remote access to features such as vehicle location, door lock status, and the honk & flash function to help lost drivers find their Skoda in a crowded parking lot. 

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The twist here is that, instead of these functions being accessed through a phone, the “cyborg salesman” has a device implanted in his arm to deliver the ultimate in person-to-vehicle connectivity. To make the prank even better, the dealership has a doctor “who used to be a vet” on-site to surgically hook people up with the implant. The expressions from would-be car buyers pretty much says it all.

Skoda cyborg salesman
Skoda cyborg salesman
Skoda cyborg salesman


Jokes and hilarity aside, what really makes this prank interesting is that it’s just real enough to be totally believable. Our favorite moment comes towards the end of the video when the, um, enhanced Skoda sales rep says the implant can be recharged wirelessly. Charging devices in your arm wirelessly with electricity? Brilliant!

Here’s the part that could be a bit spooky. While this is a prank today, there’s no reason to think something like this couldn't actually be a thing in the years to come. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, and with more cars ditching traditional ignition keys in favor of remote fobs, we can totally see this sort of thing happening.

And that begs the question – would you have device surgically implanted to operate features and functions of your car?

Source: Skoda

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