Adolescent temper tantrums have no place on the road, and this is why.

Every single person reading this has, at some point, been angry behind the wheel to the point of insanity. The choice to act on that is up to you. Hopefully this video shows you why you should never, ever, do that. If we’re honest, we don’t like posting about such things – there are so many cool cars we’d rather be talking about – but if coverage of this childish on-road outburst encourages just one of our readers to think twice before giving into road rage, it’s worth it.


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We don’t know exactly what happened that led to this incident, but the video shows the biker kicking the car. In response, the driver swerves into the motorcycle, sending the bike onto the shoulder of the highway. The rider manages to keep control, but the same can’t be said for the sedan which fishtails wildly before hitting the inside concrete divider hard enough to cause a minor fireball. The car then spirals back across traffic, hitting a completely innocent Cadillac Escalade EXT and flipping it over before finally coming to a stop.

The 75-year old driver in the Caddy went to the hospital with minor injuries. The motorcyclist kept going, and is now a person-of-interest that police would obviously like to speak with. From an injury standpoint, this could’ve been a lot worse.

If the thought of hurting someone isn’t enough to dissuade you from road rage, let’s take this up a few notches. The biker could easily be found guilty of aggravated assault, reckless driving, and hit-and-run. That should be enough for a very healthy fine, if not the suspension or complete loss of a driver’s license. At the very least this person should get a Darwin Award for thinking a weaksauce kick on a car at 65 miles per hour was a good idea.


California road rage


It’s far worse for the sedan driver. Clearly the car swerved into the motorcycle, which would be assault with a deadly weapon. Reckless driving is also a given, and there’s even a strong case to be made for attempted manslaughter. And all this for what? Because someone made a mistake that caused no harm to anyone? Had these two idiots let it go, everything would be fine. Now, the biker’s temper could lead to a big fine and loss of driving privileges. The sedan driver’s temper could lead to a bigger fine and loss of freedom – in the form of jail. And lest we forget the completely innocent person laying in a hospital bed because of these two asshats.

Stupid, just completely stupid. Somebody post up a funny cat meme so our faith in humanity can be restored.


Source: CBS Los Angeles

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